Fix Outlook 2013 Sending Reported Error 0x80042109.

So you are now facing Sending reported error (0x80042109) : Outlook 2013 Cannot connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message then contact your server administrator or Internet Service Provider (ISP). As soon as this error message occurs then user fail to receive emails. The email client almost stops responding as no exchange of emails takes place between the application and the sever. No exchange means no updation which then means user remain unknown about the arrival of new emails. Outlook is used for both personal use and professional use. Such error message can cause huge damage to business if used for professional purpose.



Resolve Outlook 2013 Sending Reported Error 0x80042109.

To resolve this issue, user will have to reset the internet email account of Outlook 2013. Not only reset the account but user will have to check in the advance setup the port number entered and encryption used for the connection. All of the steps to perform these operations are mentioned below. First of all follow the steps to setup automatic internet email account.

  • Launch Outlook 2013.

  • Click on the File tab.

  • Click Account Settings available in the Info category.

  • In the drop down, select Account settings.

  • Goto Email tab and click on New.

  • When the Add New Account dialog box opens up then configure the settings under Auto Account Setup section to configure new email account automatically.

  • Give full name in the Your Name box.

  • Enter Email Address in the box provided. This address is given by your ISP.

  • Give Password in the box provided. Again this password is provided by your ISP.

  • Click Next button to begin the auto account setup.

  • Outlook will automatically configure itself using the detail you have entered. When it finishes then click on Finish then click Close.

After finishing the setup of account, users must ensure that the port number for SMTP is set to 587 and encryption to TLS. If not then make it as like this. Follow the steps mentioned below to check these issue.

  • Goto Account Settings.

  • Double click on the active email account i.e. account in use.

  • Click on More Settings then Advanced.

  • Check SMTP port number for Outgoing Server is set to 578 or not.

  • Check encryption method used is TLS or not.

  • Under Outgoing Server tab, ensure My Outgoing Server requires Authentication is checked.

After having done all these, restart Outlook and check if the problem is fixed or not. Otherwise you can check the damage of Outlook Data File (.pst) using inbuilt repair tool ScanPST.exe aka Inbox Repair Tool which can be found in the Office folder under Program Files. If this tool fails to fix the damage then go for third party automatic Outlook PST repair tool which is regarded as best alternative for inbuilt tool.

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