Repair PST Files Using the Microsoft Outlook Mailbox

pst-iconOutlook is an E-mail software program by Microsoft. By this you can send and receive Email on your computer. It consists of the clear view of email, contact and calenders. Outlook is vital in many field such as display calenders, keep track of contacts, alarm, organize and many more. In this you can delete your hundreds of emails in a second with sweep. A company can connect with outlook that in office everyone can share the same address or calenders and an exchange server to each other. Outlook consists of calendar element which you can use as to keep plan meetings and appointments. By this outlook you can connect with the right people at the right time. A new version of Microsoft Outlook for windows mobile device can synchronize your outlook data to your smart-phone. Sometimes hard disk damages, media corruption, networking fault, and virus attack are the reasons behind the corruption of Outlook PST files. Hardware and software issues can be behind the corruption of Outlook PST files. Whenever your hardware fails in storing or transferring the data of your Outlook PST files, the PST files will get corrupted. It is highly recommended to install quality anti virus software for your outlook email system.

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About Error message:

Most common reason that causes corruption to your PST files is because of closing or terminating the Outlook software abnormally. It may happen accidentally due to sudden shutdown of the system or due to power failure. You will get error message while sending, receiving, inserting, or deleting an email in your MS outlook. These error message can interrupt into your PST files and you will not able to access in a proper way. Some errors are given below.

  • pst file error not found
  • pst file error entry point not found
  • pst file error not responding
  • Windows error loading
  • Client error:0x80040600
  • Fatal error:80040900

When these error messages appear on your outlook screen it means the corruption in PST files are severe and can’t be repaired by using any tools. Here are some manual method which will help you to repair your PST outlook easily.

Manual Methods-

  • Open Control Panel.
  • In next step Choose User Accounts option. It will appears “User Accounts” windows.
  • Click on the Mail icon and select The Mail Setup. Outlook dialog box will appears.
  • In Outlook dialog box Select the Data Files button.
  • Next select Personal Folder and Click on the Settings button.
  • In last copy the location in the File Name Field to access the PST file.

With the help of these simple steps you can easily locate pst error and get the exact location of the affected PST files. After locating pst error user can easily recover their corrupted PST files by third party tool that is stellar repair tool. This tool is very effective that will help you to repair files.

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